Elizabeth Warren says big agriculture companies should be broken up – The Boston Globe

STORM LAKE, Iowa — Democratic presidential contenders Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar expressed support Saturday for strengthening antitrust laws and enforcement to break up big agriculture monopolies. ‘‘You’ve got these giant corporations that are making … [+7211 h-1Vyp13w3U]

UK’s May risks ‘total collapse’ of government in Brexit impasse: Sunday Times – Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Theresa May risks the “total collapse” of her government if she fails to get her battered Brexit deal through parliament, the Sunday Times newspaper said, amid growing speculation that she might call an early election… [+3363 q9_a7CxTJqc]

Kristin Bianco: Anti-Trump media should apologize for biased reporting on fake Russia-collusion story – Fox News

Now that President Trump’s repeated claims of “no collusion” between his campaign and Russia have been supported by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the president called Friday for The New York Times and Washington Post to lose Pulitzer Prizes they received fo… [+5189 nD5nbhHMpmA]

‘SNL’ mocks Jussie Smollett in sketch that doubts his innocence. Did they go too far? – USA TODAY

Jussie Smollett got the “SNL” treatment Saturday night. (Photo: Paul Beaty, AP) Jussie Smollett took two comedic hits Saturday night. First Chris Rock went after him at the NAACP Image Awards. Then “Saturday Night Live” devoted a sketch to how they imagined S… [+2320 XB3v7VQQpGs]

Google users can sign into Firefox and Edge with a security key – Engadget

Until now, you’ve had to use Chrome to sign into your Google account with a security key. You won’t have to be quite so choosy going forward, though. Google has transitioned to using the new Web Authentication standard for hardware-based sign-ins, making your… [+218 HUVtvzrLbjQ]